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Learn and Win an initiative by bk Systems a CTI products company to bring in awareness to the members of the Contact Center. We will be making this initiative interesting, participative and exciting. Join in now and win exciting price now!!.

1)   Zivah is an Indian product? True  False
2)   Zivah is  
          Interaction Logger Suite  
          ERP Solution  
          Banking Solution  
3)   Zivah is built using Linux? True  False
4)   Name one offering of Zivah?  
5)   Give one module name of Zivah?  
6)   FCR stands for?  
          Fault Call Resolution  
          First Call Resolution  
          Frequent Call Resolution  
7)   FCR is a way to measure the effeciency of contact center? True  False
8)   Quality Monitoring (QM) is the most effective way to improve FCR? True  False
9)   Enter the telephone number you
       will call to request us for live demo
10)   What did you like most of the advertisement in Voice&Data magazine?  

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