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#10, Third Cross Street, Seethammal Extension, Alwarpet, Chennai - 600 018.
Ph: + 91 44 43902700
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  Zivah IVR
Zivah IVR post call survey tool is a very effective post tool for the call center to conduct a survey on the customer experience at the call center in an automated manner. The questionnaire, voice prompts and response prompts can be customised to specific needs of the project. The responses obtained from the caller is tagged to the interaction log and agent details. Numerous reports can be extracted from the information collected during the survey. The trigger for the survey could be based on the threshold sent for CTI parameters viz duration of call, number of transfers, call to a particular agent etc. The IVR also has the capability to record customers feedback / comment.
Automated post call survey tool
Customisable voice prompts and response tags
CTI based triggers
Effective tool to reduce unnecessary calls – The survey can capture the reason for the customers call which could be used to provide alternate channels of service delivery viz Internet


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