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  Zivah Remote Monitoring

One of the important aspects for the success of the call center is the ability of the supervisor/quality manager to support the agents in handling the customer calls. Zivah Remote Monitor is a proactive agent management and support tool. The focus of this tool has been to facilitate the agents to offer the best service to its customers the 1st time and every time. Zivah Remote Monitor dashboard is extremely user friendly and highly configurable. All the key elements required by the supervisor/Quality Manager can be configured for the purpose of proactive monitoring and support.

Various threshold settings on CTI parameters are possible to alert the supervisor when these thresholds are exceeded for any call. A chat facility is provided to enable the supervisor to provide live support to the agent while on call. The supervisor can perform unscheduled logging (screen & conversation) for future use.

  A proactive tool for better agent performance.
Threshold based alerts to supervisor
A tool for silently monitoring the agents interaction
Online chat facility for immediate support
Triggered logging of agent interaction


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