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Product Features

Zivah helps the Contact Centers achieve the benchmarks in First Call Resolution (FCR).

Zivah - The next generation web based Interaction Logger and Quality Monitoring(QM) suite has been built with primary focus of 'making First Call Resolution (FCR) a realty'. Unlike Zivah, the traditional logger and QM tools try to work on the logged information, analyzing it, trying to identify reasons of why a set FCR has not been met. With Zivah FCR would become a reality. The in-built "proactive tools" of Zivah provides the real time contextual intelligence to the agents while attending to the customer calls.

Zivah the next generation logger shifts the focus from an analytical tool to a real time performance improvement tool. In Zivah the entire focus is on continuous performance improvement of the agent. Right from the design stage, great emphasis has been given to develop modules for every participant in the CC (be it agent, supervisor, external partners or top management, PBX) which will enable them to provide proactive real time support to the agent while on the call. This unique approach makes it possible for the CC to set FCR and make the set FCR a reality.

More so, Zivah exploits the full potential of the IT and telephony ecosystem. Zivah is web based at its native form and has the capability to integrate closely with all the major PBX for extracting and mapping the CTI information. This unique approach to harness the power of relevant/appropriate technology to empower the agent's interaction has resulted in a great offering to the Contact Center. Zivah - Make FCR a reality.

Zivah Advantage
A collaborative working tool
A tool which harness the power of Internet, VoIP and other cutting edge technology.
Browser driven at the native level.
Has a integrated messenger for secured and logged communication.
Configurable ticker support.
Flexible and powerful QM tool.
All the logging solutions offered integrates with both small and large PBX like Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, Panasonic and many others.

Zivah is being offered in three editions :
Zivah Enterprise : A scalable multi-site enterprise solution for large contact centers spread across multiple locations.
Zivah Professional : A scalable solution for small and medium contact centers with a capacity of 30 to 120 seats.
Zivah Satellite+ : A cost effective voice logging solution for statutory logging.

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